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Professor Nathaniel Landau

Faculty positions

2006-present Professor, NYU School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology

2005-2006 Full Professor, Salk Institute

1998-2005 Associate Professor, Salk Institute

1992-1998 Staff Investigator, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center

Postdoctoral Studies
1987-1992 Scientific Advisor:  Dr. Dan Littman
University of California, San Francisco

  • HIV Entry

  • Virus Assembly

Graduate School

1980-1987 Supervisor:  Dr. David Baltimore
Department of Biology, MIT

  • Immunoglobulin gene rearrangement

  • The role of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase in antibody diversity 

Research Scientist
Takuya Tada


2023-present NYU Grossman School of Medicine

2016-2023 NYU Langone Medical Center (Post-dosctral fellow)

2013-2015 National Institute of Infectious Diseases (Japan)

2013-2013 The University of Tokyo

2012-2013 National Center for Global Health and Medicine (Japan)

Graduate School

2014 Ph.D. The University of Tokyo (Biochemistry)

2008-2012 The University of Tokyo

2006-2008 The University of Tokyo (Master Science)

2002-2006 Nagoya University (Bachelor of Informatics and Sciences)


Student Intern
Wallace Wong

Previous Lab Members

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