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Farewell Dinner for Thomas Norton

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

This week was Tom's last week in the lab. At the end of the week new and old lab members went out to dinner to celebrate Tom's time in the lab and wish him the best for his future endeavors!

Tom Norton has spent almost 9 years in the Landau Lab as a clinician scientist, and he now moves onto the next chapter of his life working at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in Tarrytown, NY. During his time at Landau Lab, Tom has co-authored many papers and make significant contributions to the lab. Just recently, he published an in-press paper entitled, "Lentiviral vector-based dendritic cell vaccine suppresses HIV replication in humanized mice." On Wednesday, new and old lab members gathered at Szechuan Mountain House to celebrate Tom's time in the lab and wish him the best at Regeneron! We'll miss you, Tom!

Read more about Tom, his education, background, and research interests while at the lab!

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